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Andrea Cecilia Granera is a Nicaraguan-American actor and artist of many mediums. She grew up in the U.S. + Nicaragua. Her artistic identity manifests itself in  empathy, curiosity and the discomfort of displacement.



Andrea graduated from Tisch School of the Arts in Spring 2017. While in school her photography was featured in several well known publications and shows in Berlin, Los Angeles and New York. Her work continues to be interacted with around the world.



Since graduating, her work as an actor has taken her through the theatrical pieces of José Rivera and Alice Burch. Andrea is working on several films and pilots that are in different phases of production.



currently, Andrea is sinking deeper into her perspective and is producing work she has written herself. She continues to be a dynamic and hard working force in any role she plays, any vision she is a part of, in front or behind the camera.